Circular sanitation,
smart design, high standards.

It’s what you get when you get Wasted*

Better for the long-haul:

Circular sanitation

Humans are the only species that intentionally poop and pee in the same place. When waste is separated, it can be sustainably returned to the earth as safe and effective fertilizer.

Our unique separating system diverts waste and prepares it for upcycling processing, swiftly and discreetly.

Better for the moment:

Smart design

We’ve designed our Wasted* stations to be a refreshing change for the operator, user, hauler, and upcycler. All of our stations feature:

  • Waterless flushing
  • Ventilation & air flow
  • All Stations offer sustainable toilet paper and cleaning supplies
  • Free of harsh chemicals


Refreshingly high standards

We’re improving the experience, and the impact, of every visit. We offer:

  • Prompt booking, delivery, and pickup
  • Sanitized, tended-to units providing an elevated user experience
  • Respectful, engaged, trained team members who shine, every time
  • Meet environmental/CSR standards with our impact reports

Stations now available for booking

Available in Burlington, Vermont and the greater Burlington area.

Standard station

Our ready-to-book primary solution, developed for easy delivery, setup, transport, servicing and more.

Dimensions (Open): 44”W x 48”D x 88”h

Weight: 170lbs

70 gallons total

Solar powered ventilation

Wide door openings

Spring assisted door hinge for easy opening and closing

Standard portable restroom footprint