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Our Values

Biophilia 🌳

We hold a sacred celebration of the natural world and recognize Earth as our primary stakeholder. With a profound sense of interconnection, we consider all life in everything we do.

Reverence 🙏🏽

We have deep respect for all those that make our work possible: service technicians and customers, those who came before us and those who work alongside us. We hold ourselves and each other in high regard, prioritizing honest and integrity driven collaboration. We recognize that each of our individual actions – and how we do them – matters.

Fun 😜

In our approach to life and work, we maintain a perspective of levity and positivity. We embrace the notion that fun is not merely an outcome, but a lens through which we view the world. We take responsibility for consciously infusing fun into our professional endeavors.


Full-time position: 30+ hours a week

Pay: $30 per hour, subject to change pending experience.

Read more about the position: Nutrient Network Technician

Full-time position

Pay: $40-60k base, plus commission

Read more about the position: Sales & Customer Success Representative

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