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The Answer to Offgrid Toilet Living is Localized Circular Sanitation

When you take a dog on a walk, the animal will pee here, walk a few feet (or further), then poo. Think of this source separation – the process of intentionally keeping pee & poo separate – as a crucial step in how waste is managed in a natural environment.   And that is because nothing in Nature is actually designed to be wasted.    As active participants in our shared, living ecosystems, we play a critical role in returning valuable nutrients back to the earth. In other words, after we nourish our bodies, the excess is processed through our bodies and released accordingly.    The problem is that we are accustomed to the porcelain throne: the place where we go to the bathroom, where we intentionally combine our ‘human waste’ for the sake of convenience, and where we flush away fresh water like it isn’t the most valuable resource

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