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Waterless, odorless, and adaptable to anywhere we go

It all starts with the toilet, a urine diversion toilet

Do you have a human waste problem you’re not sure how to manage?

Wasted*Offgrid has you covered. Our toilet requires no behavior change, and requires no water, no electricity, and no chemicals. The *Offgrid toilet prevents all odors, noises, and hides any waste left behind by a previous user.

The design makes it impossible to drop objects (keys, phones, etc.) and users can either stand or sit to pee.

This is the most robust urine diversion toilet on the market — we know, we’ve tried all of them.

Natural Waste Management

Here’s how it works:

  1. While in use, urine drains off the front of the conveyor belt and is plumbed from the toilet to a urine dispersion field, where nutrients are absorbed by local flora.


  2. After a user finishes their business, activating the foot pedal transports the solid waste and toilet paper along the conveyor belt. From there, waste is deposited into a decomposition chamber where invertebrate and soil microorganisms decompose the waste into organic matter.*

*We offer an alternative solid waste containment system that accommodates the need to remove solid waste from the site.

Offgrid Toilet Diagram

Put a roof on it… or not

A complete circular sanitation solution depends on your specific needs. We offer a variety of structures that range from ADA compliant, multi-stall buildings, to our wilderness model, a structure that is designed to minimize infrastructure in remote settings (roof not included!).

Looking for a custom designed structure? We do those too — just let us know what you are looking for.


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Completely natural

*Offgrid dry toilets do not use water, chemicals or sawdust for their operation.

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No smell

A clever air suction system reduces unpleasant odors.

Wasted* Compost bin

Large capacity composting

Fecal matter and paper decompose in a separate room (compost disposal every 3 to 10 years).

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Very low maintenance

Technical maintenance of *Offgrid dry toilets is reduced to one hour once or twice a year.

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A urine diversion toilet system is a sanitation solution that separates urine from solid waste at the source. It’s designed for remote settings where traditional sewer connections are not feasible.

Pit toilets – those smelly holes in the ground that you find in backcountry settings – are in violation of the 2005 Clean Water Act. The *Offgrid sanitation system has been recognized as the most robust and effective alternative to replace pit toilets across North America.

Regular maintenance involves checking composting levels, ensuring proper ventilation, and monitoring urine collection systems. The frequency depends on usage but typically ranges from monthly to quarterly.

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Yes, that’s the primary purpose of urine diversion toilets. They are ideal for backcountry settings, campgrounds, parks, and other remote locations where connecting to a sewer system is not practical.

Urine diversion toilets contribute to nutrient recycling, reduce water usage, minimize environmental impact, and promote sustainable sanitation practices. They help create a closed-loop system where waste becomes a resource.

Properly designed and maintained urine diversion toilets are odor-free. The separation of urine helps prevent the formation of unpleasant odors commonly associated with traditional pit toilets.

Yes, urine diversion toilets are designed to function in various climates. Proper insulation and ventilation are incorporated to address cold weather challenges and ensure year-round usability.

Urine diversion toilets align with Leave No Trace principles by minimizing environmental impact. They help manage waste on-site, reduce pollution, and promote responsible outdoor recreation.

Regulations vary by location, so it’s essential to check with local authorities. In many cases, urine diversion toilets are considered environmentally friendly, but obtaining necessary permits ensures compliance with local guidelines.

These toilets offer improved sanitation, reduced environmental impact, and the potential for nutrient reclamation. They provide a sustainable solution for waste management in remote or off-grid locations.

Yes! Our team is ready to support any size toilet installation.

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