We’re on a mission.

Our mission at Wasted*Labs is to develop circular waste processing technology that recovers water and nutrients (NPK) from human waste.


We are developing the future of sustainable, climate-resilient sanitation.

Our vision is to build a distributed network of processing facilities for portable toilet waste and septage — turning a source of pollution into a stream of precious, renewable resources.

Wasted application


Our Burlington R&D *Lab is currently generating and land-applying urine derived fertilizer with local farm partners. In our first year of operation, we closed the loop on a local circular sanitation ecosystem — proving that human “waste” is filled with the valuable nutrients needed to grow new life.

We are gathering data to validate the efficacy of our urine fertilizer, and optimizing our treatment technology as we prepare to expand into new markets.

What's next

We’re developing and trialing a novel treatment train that recovers 98% of water from portable toilet waste. As we plan for expansion into new markets, we will be building a micro-grid for water recovery and re-use — stepping closer to our vision of a waste free portable sanitation ecosystem.

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