Published Media


2023.11.28 | Forbes – 30 Under 30 | Social Impact 

2023.04.10 | Rolling Stone Innovations so crazy they just might work

2023.03.20 | Four Fin Creative Wasted* Blog

2023.02.27 | LaunchVT LaunchVT Spotlight Series

2023.02.03 | Not My Problem  – Sick of squeezing fruits to check if they are ripe?

2023.01.26 | Work WeekWaste Nothing


All published videos are hosted on the Wasted* Youtube


2023.02.25 | Founder’s Keepers – Grace Hatton interviewing co-founder, Taylor Zehren

2023.02.14 | The Lightest Tread Podcast – Reimagining Human Waste  – Paul Brown interviewing co-founder, Thor Retzlaff

2023.02.12 | Vermont Independent – Getting Wasted – Dr. Rob Williams interviewing co-founder, Thor Retzlaff

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