Potties with Purpose

Our mission is to catalyze the global transition to circular sanitation and change the way people think about waste.

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Better for the long-haul:

Circular Economy

Wasted* is developing technology that extracts the water and nutrients from human waste: creating a circular economy

Sustainable Operations

Wasted* is committed to sustainability at every touchpoint of operations:

EarthSauce: Our R&D team is currently developing a ‘blue goo’ to be used in portable toilets that is uses all-natural ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals.

Wasted*Wipes: Using toilet paper made 100% from bamboo is just another step we take to reduce our impact on the environment.

Route Optimization: We use the latest software and operations strategies to ensure that we reduce the time our trucks and toilets are on the road.

People First: You can’t provide a good service without taking care of your employees first. Here at Wasted* all of our employees are paid a living wage. 

Impact Installations

We are committed to donating resources to installing *Offgrid toilet solutions in fragile and pristine ecosystems around the world.

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