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Wasted* is committed to helping the local community during times of need by providing portable waste solutions during emergency situations and disaster relief efforts.

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Reduced Environmental impact

Our emergency portable toilet rentals not only ensure the hygiene and safety of individuals in crisis but also align with our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our portable toilets are an essential part of disaster response and recovery. They are designed to minimize water usage and reduce environmental impact while meeting the urgent sanitation needs of those affected. From standard and accessible portable toilets, to hand washing stations, our equipment provides some sanitary state of mind to those effected by natural disasters. Typically we provide emergency and disaster relief services at little to no cost; the last thing a community needs to worry about during a stressful time is sanitation. 

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Why Work with Wasted*?

Sustainable Operations 🌎

From our bamboo TP to our eco-friendly EarthSauce (the pretreatment in the tank), to our commitment to optimize routes to reduce driving time, we are dedicated to implementing the most sustainable portable operations.

R&D for a Circular Economy 🧪

We are developing technologies that extract the water and nutrients from human waste with the goal to catalyze a circular sanitation economy.

Impact Installations 🗺

From Cape Cod to Yosemite, there are many sensitive environments that need better sanitation solutions. That’s where Wasted*Offgrid comes in.

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