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Wasted* is a premium, sustainable, and eco-friendly portable sanitation company. Based in Burlington, and operating in northern Vermont, our goal is to provide a superior experience to users and ensure that all the waste we collect gets turned into a safe and reusable resource. 

We are proud to offer the following residential and commercial portable toilet solutions: 


Why work with Wasted? 

The production of human waste (yes, going to the bathroom) is how people contribute to Nature’s natural systems. By eating and drinking, we provide our bodies with the energy needed to survive and thrive. Equally important to the input needed to nourish our bodies, what comes out is valuable nutrients – think of our waste as Nature’s building blocks.

Wasted* is focused on repurposing our outputs into a resource that can support Nature’s growth. And this starts by offering the best portable rentals available. After collecting the waste, our team is focused on maximizing the nutrient reclamation potential from our waste. The result is safe and effective fertilizers, ready to be introduced back to Nature!

  • Eco-friendliness & Sustainability: Wasted* prides itself on using environmentally friendly consumable products, like bamboo TP and environmentally-friendly enzymes for managing the mixed waste (rather than the chemical blue-goo you’re used to). 
  • Fresh & Clean Guaranteed: No one likes a dirty porta potty! The Wasted* Guarantee comes with every rental. If a unit needs to be serviced outside of its weekly cleaning, site managers can contact Wasted* to get the unit serviced with no additional charge. 
  • Superb Customer Service: We pride ourselves on responsive, simple, personalized, and empathetic service. 

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