2023 Recap

In 2023, our goal was to build the most lovable, scalable, and sustainable sanitation business in the world by delivering on our promise of Potties with Purpose . Below are a few highlights of the year:

  • We secured a treatment permit and launched our circular porta potty operations allowing us to collect and safely transform urine into fertilizer. We learned a lot along the way about how to deliver the cleanest toilets, optimize route efficiency, and not get our trucks stuck in Vermont’s mud season.
  • We worked with over 110 customers in the Greater Burlington area! Our customers covered a variety of markets. From construction partners like ReArch and Gristmill , to events like Higher Ground Concert Series and South End Get Down , and a variety of local farmers markets. We also formed new partnerships with Vermont Green FC , ensuring that all game attendees have an enjoyable experience going #2 while cheering for their #1 team.
  • We weathered the storm together, supporting our local communities during times of need. 2023 was a historical year for floods in Vermont. We supported our community with a variety of emergency portables in the areas most effected by flooding, ensuring that they do not need to worry about sanitation during a time of crisis.
  • We collected and treated over 2,000 gallons of urine! The urine was collected via urine diversion technology which is installed on 30% of our units. Mixed waste was treated by our local wastewater treatment plant partners, who helped us test and and improve our chemical inputs and practices.
  • We applied our fertilizer to 3 acres of local farmland! While 3 acres doesn’t sound like much land, we are just getting started. Our continuous R&D efforts to demonstrate the efficacy of urine diversion fertilizers, profile the true potential of human waste as a resource, and reduce the environmental impact of the porta potty industry will span for many years to come.

Lastly, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our customers and urine donors for believing in Wasted* this year. In 2024, we will continue on our vision to catalyze circular sanitation and change the way people think about waste. We look forward to seeing you in the new year with product improvements, the launch of Wasted* Boston , and more circular stories!

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