How Many Porta Potties Do You Need?

Whether you’re throwing a monumental celebration or overseeing a construction masterpiece, Wasted* PBC has the pro tips to ensure your porta potty game is on point!

How many portable toilets should I rent for my event? 

For smaller events, like weddings and birthday parties, Wasted* PBC recommends renting 2 portable toilets per 100 guests attending your event. For larger events, like concerts/musical festivals we recommend renting 3 portable toilets per 100 people. Following these guidelines, we also recommend having one accessible portable toilet per 4 toilets rented. This ensures that everyone can have an enjoyable experience. For events that span multiple days, adding an additional unit per 100 people can drastically help improve the cleanliness of all units. 

For events of all sizes, we recommend renting a portable handwashing station. We typically recommend renting one washing station per 4 units rented. 

However, this is just a starting point. If you have more questions about portable toilet rentals for your upcoming event feel free to contact us or learn more about our event rentals! One of our team members will be happy to assist you and answer any questions! 

How many portable toilets do I need for my job site? 

We recommend renting one portable toilet per 10 workers, this typically ensures the units stay fresher over the 40-hour work week. However, all construction and job sites have to follow OSHA standards. Osha requires construction projects to have one portable toilet per 20 people on site. Additionally, OSHA requires job sites to have the same number of restrooms available per gender. For most job sites, a portable hand washing station is recommended to ensure proper sanitation standards. We recommend one handwashing station for every two units rented. 

The American National Standards Institute plays a role in regulating the required number of porta-potty rentals for construction sites. As a proud member of the PSAI, we follow ANSI standards along with OSHA. Feel free to contact us or learn more about our construction rentals if you have questions related to your upcoming project! 

How much does it cost to rent a porta-potty? 

Cost is calculated in a few different ways across the portable sanitation industry. 

  • Rental type: A rental-type pricing model typically separates short-term (5-day rentals or less) and long-term rentals (rentals over 5 days in length) from one another because they have different needs. Short-term rental pricing typically results in a lower unit cost but servicing the units is typically more expensive. Long-term rentals typically have higher unit costs and will usually include some sort of standardized cleaning. Additional cleanings for long-term rentals are usually cheaper than additional cleanings for short-term rentals. 
  • Flat Rate: Some operators do not care if your rental is a short-term or a long-term rental. If your rental is for 1 day, you will be charged the same amount for the unit if you rented it for a month. With flat rate pricing models you typically get a lower cost unit but end up being charged more for cleanings.
  • Service-based: Service-based pricing models charge a very low unit rental cost but a higher cost per service. These rentals come with no complimentary services for long-term rentals as they make their money on services. 

Regardless of the pricing model, you can expect to pay between $100-$350 per unit as prices can fluctuate greatly depending on the market. Another thing to look for is delivery fees, some operators charge them, and some don’t! 

Here at Wasted* PBC, we price based on a rental-type model. None of our short-term rentals include any complimentary services while our long-term rentals come with weekly cleanings. Our porta-potty rentals combine eco-friendliness with affordability. We aim to provide the best value for you because we understand when we keep our units clean enough to keep your workers or eventgoers onsite longer, our potties start paying for themselves. For a personalized quote, contact us and we’d be happy to help you with your rental.

When you rent a porta potty from Wasted*, you not only contribute to a greener future but also enjoy the convenience of clear pricing. Factors influencing the cost include the type of restroom, rental duration, and service frequency. 

What factors should I consider when estimating the number of portable toilets to rent? 

  1. Understanding Your Needs: Assess the expected attendance and duration of your event to determine the appropriate quantity of portable toilets required. Check out our ‘Porta Potty Insights’ for some simple rules of thumb to begin your estimating process.
  2. Event Type and Size: Different events have varying restroom needs. Consider factors such as the type of event and the number of attendees to ensure you meet the specific requirements of your gathering. For instance, if food or beverage is served at your event, regulations require you to increase the amount of recommended porta potties by 20-30%.
  3. Location and Accessibility: Consider the event venue layout and accessibility to strategically place portable toilets for convenience. Proper placement ensures easy access and enhances the overall experience for attendees. Areas to pay attention to are entrances and exits, food/beverage courts, main attractions, ect.
  4. Duration of the Event: Longer events may require more portable toilets to accommodate attendees over an extended period. Factor in the duration to ensure a sufficient number of facilities throughout the event.

At Wasted*, we go beyond providing portable toilets. Our commitment involves changing the waste narrative and building a circular sanitation economy, unlocking the value of human waste for a more sustainable future. Interested in learning more about what we do? Check out our story.

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