Wasted* PBC: Sustainable Portable Toilet Rentals in Boston

Hi, we’re Wasted* PBC! 

We’re the portable sanitation company for the 21st century – bringing a higher standard of care, cleanliness, efficiency, and respect for earth.

In Boston and beyond, our mission is to leave the world better than we found it. 

At every touchpoint in the portable sanitation rental process, we make the choice to prioritize the health  of our planet and our toilet users: 

  • We eliminate the use of all harsh chemicals and substances – going with natural cleaning supplies, biodegradable blue goo (instead of toxic formaldehyde), and bamboo toilet paper. 
  • Our collapsible units increase transport efficiency and reduce associated carbon emissions by 3x
  • We are building a circular sanitation ecosystem that recovers valuable resources (like fertilizer!) from human waste. On Cape Cod, we’re taking the first step towards this vision with a urine collection & processing pilot in collaboration with MassTC.

At Wasted*, we have streamlined and tech-enabled the process of renting porta potties that are better for the earth and end-user in Boston. 

 Here’s an overview of the Wasted* PBC porta potty rental process:

Request a free Quote for Your Boston Porta Potty Rental

  • Our customers include events, construction, municipalities, emergency services, and more! 
  • Your dedicated Wasted* Crew Member will provide a comprehensive quote
  • Our staff is highly trained and experienced in everything porta potty, resulting in a high level of service and customer satisfaction when working with us. 

 Schedule Your Sustainable Porta Potty Delivery

  • Once all details are confirmed with your Wasted* Crew Member, specify the delivery date that suits your needs.
  • While rush deliveries may be possible, they are subject to availability.
  • We’ll coordinate with you or a site contact to ensure a smooth delivery.

Sign a Transparent and Comprehensive Invoice

  • For added convenience, if you’re renting additional products alongside porta potties, we can bundle the entire rental into one clear and straightforward invoice.
  • Transparency is our priority, and we outline all necessary information.
  • Your dedicated Wasted* Crew Member is readily available to address any questions or concerns.

Wasted* PBC makes it easy for you to take care of the planet every time you need to go. Rent with us for a hassle-free portable toilet in Boston by contacting us today! 

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